Why use a Robotic Palletiser System?

Embracing the efficiency and adaptability required for high-speed, high-payload, or flexible applications, robotic palletisers stand out as an excellent choice.

Among various palletising solutions, the utilisation of a multi-axis industrial robot as a robotic palletiser emerges as the optimal selection for crafting a palletising system tailored to specific needs. These versatile robotic palletisers can adeptly handle tasks such as picking and placing from multiple in-feed conveyor lines, while seamlessly palletising to multiple positions.

Benefits of a Robotic Palletiser System

Reduce Labor Costs

You can save money right away by investing in an automated collaborative robot palletiser, as it's efficient and fast. These robots significantly reduce labor costs and offer better cost-effectiveness than you might expect, providing immediate savings on your investment.

Collaboration is Key

By automating packaging and palletising tasks with lightweight collaborative robot arms, workers can be relieved from repetitive tasks and heavy lifting. This automation minimises the risk of repetitive strain injuries among your staff and also reduces the likelihood of damage to cartons and products, thereby increasing overall efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Versatile, Adaptable, and Flexible.

Flexibility and adaptability are key strengths of robot palletisers. The robotic palletising system can be tailored to meet specific needs and can handle different sizes, shapes, and weights of items. These robots are capable of palletising various product types including boxes, bags, cartons, and plastic bottles. They offer the versatility to palletise items from single or multiple production lines simultaneously, providing efficient solutions for diverse packaging needs.

Simple to Use

Expertise is not needed to operate an automated collaborative robotic palletising system. NWI's robotic palletiser solutions are intentionally designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that your staff can operate them without difficulty.

Is a Robotic Palletiser System right for my business?

Implementing a robotic palletiser system can revolutionise the way your business handles packaging and palletising tasks, but is it the right choice for your specific industry? Whether you operate in manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, logistics, or any other sector requiring efficient handling of goods, a robotic palletise can transform your business’s efficiency, reduce labour costs and promote safety across the workplace.

Industries that can benefit from a Robotic Palletiser System


Where precision and speed are paramount, a robotic palletiser system can streamline production lines, optimise floor space, and improve overall efficiency.

Food and Beverage

Similarly, in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene and safety standards are critical, NWI Group's advanced palletising solutions ensure compliance while enhancing productivity.


For pharmaceutical companies, accuracy and traceability are essential. With NWI Group's expertise in robotic palletising systems, you can achieve precise stacking and tracking of pharmaceutical products, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations.


In logistics, where rapid fulfillment is key, robotic palletisers can significantly reduce manual labor and enhance order accuracy, leading to faster turnaround times and improved customer satisfaction.

Choose NWI Group for your Robotic Palletiser Solution

NWI Group has decades of experience in providing tailored solutions for diverse industries, leveraging the most innovative technology to address your specific challenges. Whether you require a standalone palletising system or integration with existing production lines, NWI can customise a solution that meets your unique requirements and delivers tangible results for your business.


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