If your business lacks an API for its internal systems and aims to establish endpoints for client interaction, developing a custom API is an excellent solution. This approach enables accelerated business scalability and diminishes reliance on manual input, fostering efficiency throughout the operational workflow.

NWI Systems excels in Custom API Development, specialising in crafting robust APIs for desktop, mobile, and cloud applications, covering WebSocket, firmware/middleware, browsers, databases, and operating systems.

Our expertise includes seamless Third-party API integration, enabling startups and enterprises to optimise costs and enhance solutions. By connecting software systems, we eliminate redundancy, improving user experiences and productivity. Our team uses REST, XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP, and other methods for efficient API interaction.

Our API Development Scope

Tailored Artificial Intelligence API Solutions

Our developers specialise in crafting custom artificial intelligence software solutions, employing advanced techniques such as machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and computer vision.

Innovative API Interface Integrations

Our focus extends to the development of custom REST APIs, seamlessly enhancing existing off-the-shelf solutions or integrating third-party public APIs.

Rigorous Automated API Testing

Our team of engineers and quality assurance specialists employs automated unit testing, functional testing, and load testing tools and best practices.

Comprehensive API Application Solutions

APIs play a pivotal role in web applications, and we specialise in developing four main types: public, partner, private, and composite APIs. Our expertise spans the creation of mobile, desktop, and cloud-based API application solutions.


One of our key strengths lies in facilitating seamless Third-party API integration, a strategic move that empowers both startups and large enterprises to optimise costs while augmenting their solutions with essential features. By connecting disparate software systems and applications, we eliminate the redundancy of effort, thereby enhancing user experiences and directly contributing to heightened productivity levels. Our adept team employs a variety of communication methods, including REST, XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP, to ensure that your APIs interact with each other in the most efficient and effective manner.

API Security

At NWI Systems, we offer end-to-end API security protection encompassing authentication, authorisation, privacy, non-repudiation, and attack prevention. Our engineers are well-versed in developing APIs with comprehensive support for the latest security and regulatory standards, such as JOSE (JWK, JWS, JWE), PCI-DSS, and GDPR. This commitment ensures that your APIs not only meet industry standards but also provide a secure foundation for your digital ecosystem, guarding against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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