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With three decades of experience serving Australian quarry and mine sites, NWI Group possesses an extensive understanding of the crucial elements of accurate weighing, data management, operational control, and reporting.

Introducing FlexPoint WinWeigh for Mining and Quarries, the ultimate solution to maximize the potential of your Mine & Quarry operations.

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Our cutting-edge software revolutionises the purpose of a weighbridge, transforming it into a fully customised management system tailored to your specific site and requirements. WinWeigh seamlessly integrates with a single standalone weighbridge or multiple weighbridges across multiple sites.

WinWeigh encompasses both a desktop application and a cloud-based solution, efficiently capturing all weighbridge weighing data. This data is stored in various formats and can be effortlessly exported through an API key, CSV, or PDF file, with automatic daily, weekly, or monthly reporting cycles.

Every piece of weighbridge and user data collected is consolidated within a centralised portal, providing comprehensive oversight and control.

Stockpile Quantity Tracking

This functionality empowers businesses to designate specific areas within a customer’s mine or quarry for storing incoming or mined products. By meticulously tracking stockpile quantities, businesses can effortlessly monitor and manage their inventory levels, guaranteeing the availability of the right products at the right locations and times.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

CoR entails weighing alerts and functions that adhere to the NHVR system integration when configuring new vehicles. This feature holds significant importance for mines, quarries, and logistics software, as trucks with customized trailer setups, unlike rigid and smaller waste trucks, can be prone to overloading.

Split Weighing Process

Through the split weighing process, businesses can accurately and efficiently weigh large trucks and their contents, even if the weighbridge is smaller than the vehicle itself. This is achieved by dividing the weighing process into multiple steps, which can be combined to obtain precise weight measurements.

The split weighing process is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with vehicles that have multiple axle groups. This feature enables weighing of up to 10 axle groups, ensuring accurate weight measurements for both the vehicles and their contents.

Quoting Functionality

With the quoting functionality of FlexPoint WinWeigh, businesses can effortlessly generate and send quotes for their products and services. By automating the quote creation and delivery process, businesses save time and reduce administrative tasks, allowing valuable resources to be allocated to other areas of the business.

Data Insights

Gain valuable insights into your weighbridge operations beyond standard reports, providing a deeper understanding of your operations and performance.

Issue Identification

Pinpoint abnormal data and conduct audits to perform detailed analysis, enabling you to address and resolve any issues effectively.

Data and Time Period Comparison

Effortlessly compare operational metrics across various time periods, products, customers, vehicles, and contracts, facilitating comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

CoR Compliance

Ensure compliance with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulatory requirements through FlexPoint WinWeigh. Quarry managers can monitor adherence to legal weight limits and safety standards, mitigating the risk of fines, penalties, and liability while enhancing road safety.

NHVR Integration

Enjoy direct integration with the NHVR database, enabling seamless confirmation of the registration status of heavy vehicles operating on your site, further enhancing compliance and operational efficiency.

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