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Efficiently tracking commercial waste is crucial for maintaining or improving your building’s NABERS rating, and now there’s a fast and intuitive solution to assist you.

Introducing the Industrial Waste Management System (iWM), a comprehensive software designed to track and record all commercial waste generated in your building. With iWM, you can easily capture important data such as the day, time, floor, tenant, employee ID, and waste stream associated with each waste disposal event. This detailed tracking enables accurate reporting and analysis, empowering you to optimise waste management practices.

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iWM goes beyond basic waste tracking. It provides features like contaminated and uncontaminated waste weighing, as well as itemised waste weighing. These functionalities enhance your NABERS reporting and compliance efforts by providing precise data on different waste categories. With this comprehensive information, you can effectively monitor your waste management performance and identify areas for improvement.

Elevate your building’s NABERS rating with the Industrial Waste Management System (iWM) and streamline your waste tracking and reporting processes for greater sustainability and compliance.

Versatile Compatibility
The system is compatible with a wide range of wheeled bins, accommodating capacities up to 1100 litres. This flexibility ensures seamless integration with your existing waste management infrastructure.

Comprehensive Transaction Recording
All transactions are meticulously recorded, ensuring traceability and enabling accurate invoicing. This feature promotes transparency and accountability in waste management processes.

Programmable Tags
Simplify waste tracing with programmable tags that contain essential information such as tare (empty weight), client ID, and location. These tags facilitate efficient tracking and identification of waste bins, streamlining your waste management operations.

User-Friendly Interface
The system is designed to be simple, fast, and intuitive, ensuring ease of use for operators. This user-friendly interface enhances productivity and minimizes training requirements.

Seamless Retrofitting
Retrofitting the system into established buildings is hassle-free and minimizes site disruption. You can upgrade your waste management capabilities without significant interruptions to your operations.

Optional IP Camera Integration
Enhance visibility and documentation by integrating an IP camera into the system. This optional feature provides a snapshot of the waste weighing process, further ensuring transparency and supporting accurate record-keeping.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our feature-rich waste weighing system, tailored to meet your specific needs. Upgrade your waste management processes with ease and achieve enhanced traceability and operational effectiveness.

Our system enables seamless identification and capture of the following essential data:

  • Waste streams
  • Weight
  • Bin size
  • Bin source (level & tenant)

Once the data is captured, it is securely stored locally on the device. For effortless data transfer, you have the flexibility to choose wireless transmission to your preferred email address.

Wireless data transmission can occur via email or through a secure web portal. This allows for further cleansing and integration of the data with third-party systems, enhancing its usability and compatibility.

Data is stored locally on each unit or alternatively on a secure cloud service, granting you access to the information anytime and from anywhere. If stored on a local unit, the data can be easily downloaded as a PDF or CSV file, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Our weighing units are designed for durability, boasting an industrial-grade rating and approval from the National Measurement Institute (NMI) for trade purposes. You can trust in the reliability and accuracy of our equipment.

The Industrial Waste Management System offers a technologically advanced solution for Waste Weighing & Management. To learn more about its features and determine its suitability for your building, please reach out to us using the provided enquiry form.

Durable and User-Friendly

Experience the reliability and convenience of our FlexPoint Itemised Waste Management Software. Our system features a robust and ultra-low-profile LPS platform scale, seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly HMI touch screen weighing terminal.

Designed for Effortless Weighing

The scale’s smart design, equipped with access ramps, allows for easy wheeling of bins or containers onto the weighing area. This ensures a smooth and efficient weighing process, saving time and effort.

Intuitive User Interface

The HMI touch screen terminal boasts a clear and intuitive user interface, featuring easily understandable pictograms. This user-friendly design simplifies operation, enabling users to navigate the system with ease.

Enhanced Security

For added security and control, the terminal can be fitted with an optional lockable housing. This feature prevents unauthorised access and ensures that only authorised personnel can operate the system.

Efficient Tag Identification

Electronic tags can be attached to bins and containers for seamless identification using a card reader or scanner. These tags can be programmed with essential information, including the tare (empty) weight, client ID, and GPS location. This enables accurate tracking and traceability of waste, facilitating efficient waste management processes.

Choose our robust and user-friendly FlexPoint Itemised Waste Management Software to streamline your waste weighing operations. Experience the ease of use and reliability that our system provides, making waste management an efficient and effective process.

Case Studies

Tradeflex Services Group

Transforming Waste Management Efficiency with NWI’s Itemised Waste Management System.

NWI recently worked with our customer Tradeflex Services Group to upgrade their waste management system to our latest FlexPoint Itemised Waste Management System, which features our latest patented technology.

This upgrade was initiated to support Tradeflex as their requirements evolved, recognising that their existing legacy solution no longer adequately met the needs of their business.








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