Videos | 04 Jan 2023

FlexPoint Itemised Waste Management Software

Optimizing your building’s NABERS rating requires effective tracking and management of commercial waste. Fortunately, a new and intuitive solution has emerged to simplify the process.

Introducing the Industrial Waste Management System (iWM), a comprehensive platform that records and tracks all commercial waste generated within your building on a daily basis. It captures key data points such as the time, floor, tenant, employee ID, and waste stream, and also conducts both contaminated and uncontaminated waste weighing, as well as itemized waste weighing, to ensure compliance with NABERS reporting standards.

By implementing iWM, you can proactively monitor your waste management practices and make data-driven decisions to improve your NABERS rating.

How it works

The Industrial Waste Management System is a sophisticated platform that captures and stores critical data to improve your waste management practices. Through this system, you can identify and track various data points including waste streams, weight, bin size, and bin source. The captured data is then securely stored on the device, with the option to wirelessly transmit it to your chosen email address or a secure web portal for further integration with third-party systems.

The data can also be stored locally on the unit or on a secure cloud service, providing you with the flexibility to access it from anywhere, anytime. In case of local storage, you can easily download the data in PDF or CSV format. The weighing units are designed to be robust and durable, boasting industrial grade rating and approval from the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

One of its key advantages is its ability to accommodate a wide range of wheeled bins, with a capacity of up to 1100 litres. This flexibility ensures that the system can be customised to meet the unique needs of your building and waste management requirements.

In addition, the system is designed to record all transactions, providing a clear and traceable invoicing trail. This enables you to monitor waste disposal and identify any discrepancies in the data. The programmable tags included in the system provide ease of tracing, with information such as tare (empty weight), client ID, and location.

The Industrial Waste Management System is engineered to be simple, fast, and intuitive to use. This makes it easy for your staff to operate and monitor the system, reducing the need for extensive training or technical support. The system can also be retrofitted into established buildings with minimal site disruption, enabling you to integrate it seamlessly into your waste management infrastructure.